“It might be a festering pit, but there’s more than little money to be made here.” —Captain Atya Dodero

The most populous planet and capital world of the Cetecor system, Cetecor was a once lush, tropical planet now beset by pollution across much of its surface.


Cetecor was a temperate-tropical world with roughly 75% of its surface covered by salt water for most its existence. However, significant heavy industry and poor environment management has seen much of this fair planet turn into arid wasteland.


Cetecor has no natural, sentient fauna and was only colonized relatively recently in 120 BBY by Human colonists from other Outer Rim worlds. While the society these settlers built was peaceful, it was predicated on the aggressive exploitation of the planet’s natural resources, particularly rare heavy metals under several continental mountain ranges.

The planet was a minor partner in the faction of pacifists led by Duchess Satine of Mandalore during the Clone Wars. With the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, Cetecor quickly fell in line.

Resource exploitation moved from damaging to dangerously unregulated to meet Imperial decrees. By 8 BBY, much of the planet’s surface had become uninhabitable. Now, the world’s wealthy live in luxurious orbital platforms while its working class scrabble out a dirty existence on the polluted surface below.

The planet, along with the rest of the Cetecor system, was dealt a devastating blow when its system defense squadron, Hammerdown Squadron, went rogue and plundered much of the world’s wealth. The theft and desertion has left the planet reeling, and the lack of immediate Imperial protection has made transports servicing the planet ripe targets.

Even worse, fears are mounting that Cetecor’s once abundant resources are beginning to run out as an ever increasing number of mines are depleted. Profits are falling and jobs are becoming scarce. Large-scale riots have recently broken out in several major cities, and Imperial forces on the ground are hamstrung by the loss of their fleet.


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