Bright Star

“An elegant, charming ship, don’t you think?” —Captain Atya Dodero

An Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Bright Star forms the foundation of the New Star Empire’s pirate fleet and is the primary ship of Hammerdown Squadron. It is commanded by the rogue Captain Atya Dodero.


Built in 11 BBY, the Bright Star was one of many Imperial-class Star Destroyers built in large part by the Corellian Engineering Corporation under subcontract from Kuat Drive Yards. Like most of its sister ships constructed by CEC, the Bright Star was faster than the average Imperial-class at both sublight and hyperspace speeds.

The Bright Star saw service throughout the middling years of the rise of the Galactic Empire, typically operating against pirates in the Mid Rim Territories. The vessel was seriously damaged in 6 BBY when it was ambushed by a large, well prepared pirate fleet. After months in dry dock near Kuat, the Bright Star was put into service again as the primary ship of the Cetecor System’s defensive squadron, Hammerdown Squadron.

The ship has never been quite the same since its repairs, but its quirky, and sometimes unreliable, behavior have bred a certain affection for the old craft among its crew.


Since leaving the Galactic Empire’s service, the Bright Star has been modified in a number of ways. Not the least of these is a change from its former, pallid grey paint to the brilliant orange and gold of the New Star Empire.

Perhaps more important are Dodero’s modifications to the ship’s weapons and defensive systems. The strength of the Bright Star’s shields have been significantly reduced in favor of its propulsion and offense systems. The ship is capable of faster sublight travel than stock Imperial-class Star Destroyers, and its already punishing armaments have been supplemented with additional turbolaser batteries. However, it can withstand far less punishment than typical ships of its class due to its weaker shielding.

Additionally, the Bright Star’s primary hangar bay has been expanded to better service some of its support craft in Hammerdown Squadron.

Bright Star

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